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These terms define the relationship between the seller and the buyer.

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    4. Handling and order
    5. E-shop
    6. Payment conditions
    7. Transport fee and packaging fee
    8. Return goods, refund
    9. Complaints /rules/
  10. Personal data handling and protection
  11. Discount system
  12. Price, discount, special customers
  13. System of bonuses - bonuses for other sellers
  14. Handling of packaging and waste
  15. Legal provisions
  16. Your questions





Lampyris s.r.o.
Suchovršice 110
542 32 Úpice

Company ID (IČO): 28816846
VAT No. (DIČ): CZ 28816846

Bank connection:

Lampyris s.r.o. is exclusive importer and distributor for the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland and Denmark.

Contact to the e-shop administrator:
Veronika Ježková
mob.: +420 604 296 231


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The orders received via the e-shop at the address
http://eshop.vermont-design.cz are registered daily, 5 days a week.

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Forwarding days: Monday - Friday  / 07,00 – 15,00 /

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Ordering goods

The goods can be ordered in the following ways:
      -     orally /in person, by telephone/
      -     in writing /fax, post, e-mail/
      -     in the internet e-shop /by filling in the form after putting the item into the basket/
*The electronic order is valid only if all the data and required elements are filled in the form

Before purchase it is necessary to study the user guide to the products of Vermont Design, the guide is at http://eshop.vermont-design.cz/strana-3/uzivatelska-prirucka.html

We will send the ordered goods to the customer within 2 - 5 working days from receiving the order (if the item is in stock)

If the ordered goods is out of stock, the customer will be immediately informed by e-mail or by telephone.

A valid order from the e-shop is only such order, which meets all the requirements specified in the form of the order.

By sending an electronic order the buyer accepts, without reservation, all provisions of the business terms in the version valid on the day of sending the order, as well as the valid price of the ordered goods including the transport fee or packaging fee, unless demonstrably agreed otherwise in a specific case. The sent order is binding.

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Due to continuous changes of the offered products it may occur, that some data published at this website may not precisely correspond to the supplied version of the decoration. This is why we reserve the right to change the data here without warning.

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PAYMENT CONDITIONS (payment methods)

The payment for the goods you buy can be done in several ways:
- personal collection and cash payment at the address of the company
- cash-on-delivery postal dispatch, by Post Office or by a courier, where postal fee is added, while packaging fee is usually not charged
- payment by a bank transfer in advance, based on an issued invoice / must be done within 3 working days from the order
- the invoice and postal or courier delivery and subsequent payment by a bank transfer – eligible only for our customers who are in a special regime

The prices are negotiable. Until the full payment the goods remain the property of the seller.

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The amount of the transport fee is governed by valid prices of the carrier companies.

We add transport fee to shipments abroad according to the tariffs of General Parcel, we do not charge packaging fee.
We do not send Shipments abroad as cash on delivery, payment only in advance by bank transfer. Freight price is CZK 215, - (excl. VAT).

According to the VAT Act. No. 235/2004 § 52 we add the basic VAT rate to the transport fee price.

On normal conditions we do not charge packaging fees, it is a part of the total price of the transport + packaging fee, the “forwarding costs”.

The transport is ensured by the carrier company GENERAL PARCEL. The transport fee per one package (up to 50kg) is CZK 70 (without VAT). The cash-on-delivery fee per one package is CZK 40 (without VAT).

If the invoice is not paid by a bank transfer within 5 days, the invoice becomes invalid.

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 The returning entity is a natural person, entrepreneur, company, legal entity or a person that in some other way carries out paid activities according to the Commercial Code:

In this case we fully follow the Commercial Code as amended and the return of goods is solved always individually by an agreement!

 The returning entity is a natural person, according to the Civil Code:
- If the goods was bought in the classic way (in the offices of the company, at a fair trade, by personal take over or handover) and always when the customer, consumer had the option to view the goods in advance, we fully follow the Civil Code and beyond its provisions it is possible, after a prior agreement with the representative of our company, to return the goods. Such step is always solved individually. We reserve the right not to take the goods back, especially when the goods is apparently damaged due to unprofessional manipulation, due to not following the instructions for use or damaging the goods by improper use.
- In case of purchase of goods in the electronic form /e-shop, telephone, fax/ and always when the customer did not have the option to view the goods in advance, we fully follow the Civil Code – the contract can be withdrawn from within 14 days from the performance, without the need to state the reasons. However the buyer, when using this right, has to inform the seller and has to pay the seller all costs for packaging and transport. When sending money by a postal slip we charge a fee to the post, while sending the money to the account is free. According to § 415 the seller can deduce the above costs off the purchase price of the goods, which is refunded to the buyer. The pay date of this refund in 30 days from the delivery of the goods back to the seller. Another condition is that the returned goods must not be damaged and it must be sent in a hard cover and undamaged during transport. Do not send the goods cash-on-delivery, it will not be accepted this way! The cost of sending the goods back is born by the consumer. The user has right for compensation of the transport cost only if the goods had been wrongly sent by our company.  When returning the goods, you will be refunded only the cost of the goods, not any packaging or transport fees.

For all the purchased goods we provide you a right for refund without the need to state the reasons within 14 days from the takeover of goods  according to the act No. 367/2000 Coll., but only if the goods is not damaged by use, wear and it must be sent in original packaging.

The back transport fee is paid by the customer in full!

The buyer has to deliver the goods in person or by a courier at his own expense to the address of the seller.

Never send the goods back cash-on-delivery, we will issue a credit note for the goods and after it is confirmed by the customer and sent back, we will send the money of the adequate amount to your account by a bank transfer.

The returned goods must be in pristine condition, not damaged and any protective packaging must not be damaged, unless the goods can be protected in other way during transport and unless the packaging is a value-related element of the given goods.

Right on delivery, the company will assess the condition of the goods. If the condition does not comply with the original condition, the goods will not be accepted and the return transport will be charged to the customer. Or if we decide to accept the goods, we will charge a fee to compensate for the wear, to be paid by the customer who returned the goods.

Any goods solved by a customer will be always solved individually.

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Complaints are handled according to the act No. 634/1992 Coll. about protection of consumers and Civil Code, section four – special provisions about sale of goods in ships, and also provisions of the Commercial Code.

The buyer must make the complaint in writing (e-mail, fax, post) and in the announcement the discovered defects must be described.

To have the complaint solved, the complaining party must present a copy of the invoice, a receipt of payment and about delivery of the goods.

The seller does not accept responsibility for damage caused by use of the goods, functional characteristics and damage due to improper use of the goods and damage caused by external effect and wrong manipulation after handover of goods and the provided warranty does not cover such defects either.

Within 5 days from receiving the complaint, the seller undertakes to inform the customer what the complaint solving procedure will be.

Information about products in the seller’s e-shop have only illustrative character and in details it can differ from the supplied goods.

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By sending a filled in ordering form you confirm your consent that the company may use the data from the order for an indefinite period of time, solely for its own needs and for the purpose of operating its internet shop in the sense of the act No. 101/2000 Coll. about data protection.

The company guarantees safety of the data in the info system in the sense of the above act and it is the sole processor of the above data. The company considers all personal data of its customers as strictly confidential and guarantees not to allow its misuse or disclosure to a third party.

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We launched the system of discounts as a thank to our loyal customers and to our other non specified partners. It serves solely for promotion purposes of the company Lampyris s.r.o. and it operates only within the e-shop of our company. The discount cannot be applied to products that were custom made.

Form of the discount: A selected customer receives a printed coupon along with the delivered shipment. From the moment of delivery, the customer can use the coupon. Some customers may receive this coupon also in an electronic form, in a PDF format. The coupons are immediately ready for use. Each coupon has a numeric code, which ensures it is genuine. Each discount coupon is thus monitored. The discount coupon is not transferable to other persons. It is used for a specific company (legal or natural person) or specific person (in case of non-entrepreneurs). The discount coupon’s numeric code is checked, when the discount is applied for. Except the general issues the coupon also states the date of its issue, our company employee who issued the coupon, amount of the discount and the numeric code.

Using the discount: You can use the discount only when buying goods via our e-shop. The discount can be applied only once per 1 piece of goods. The discount cannot be used by any third person and the coupon cannot be used in a stone shop. The discount will be accepted only after our sales staff checks the coupon. The individual discounts cannot be combined /2 coupons at 10% do not make one 20% discount/, the discounts can be used only one at a time. The discount is deduced off the price without VAT of a specific item you choose, 1 item. So choose carefully for which goods you wish the discount to use.

Final provisions: The company Lampyris s.r.o. reserves the right to change the conditions for use of the discount coupons at any time. The company PARTIS a.s. is also not responsible to any higher authority for operating this service. It is solely a voluntary marketing procedure of our company to bring something more to our regular and valued customers.

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The price of the individual types of products is in the price list, which is valid at the time of confirming the order. This price from the price list is the purchase price per one piece of goods (unless stated otherwise). In the on-line e-shop the prices are continuously updated. If the price is not update at the time of your order, you will be informed right after the order. All prices at http://eshop.vermont-design.cz are without VAT.

We do not provide discounts to the end users of our internet shop /except the discount coupons/, so the prices are final.

The customers who are in a special regime – renowned companies, companied listed in a database of companies with a special regime, resellers, other sellers, magistrate officials… are provided with individual bulk discounts. If you are interested in the discounts, contact us. The special regime is governed by the system of commissions of the company Lampyris s.r.o. 

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SYSTEM OF COMMISSIONS (commissions for other sellers)

After you prove your activities such as purchase, sales, mediation etc. (according to the Commercial Register or according to the subject of business) you will be filed into our system of commissions.

The goods will be delivered under these terms then. However it is always a contractual relationship, which is handled quite individually.

The goods will be billed to you with lowered purchase price.

In the commission, lowered price for further sellers, there is not included the price for transport, cost for post and packaging etc.

The conditions can be agreed individually. The company Lampyris s.r.o. reserves the right to change the amount of the commission or to deny the commission without stating a reason. The discount can be 1 – 40 % off the purchase price. The discounts for sellers, the commission, depends from the type of goods, amount of the shipment and regularity of the shipments.

Another composition of the pre-sale price is fully at the decision of the given pre-seller. We place no limitations for the creation of the end price for the customer. The creation of the price should be adequate to the moral code and business practice in the given region.

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Our company meets all the requirements of the current legislation in the field of waste and packaging handling.
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Our declaration: This declaration contains the terms of use (hereinafter as “terms”) of the website www.vermont-design.cz , http://eshop.vermont-design.cz  (hereinafter as “website"). We hereby ask all people not yet familiar with these terms to study them before starting to use this website. By using the website you agree with these terms.

The operator of this website is the company Lampyris s.r.o. (hereinafter as the “operator”), which is a business entity in the Czech Republic and EU.

Author rights: Firma Lampyris s.r.o. has all author rights and other rights required to use and protect the website, its content, that is especially information about products, articles, news, contributions, catalogue leaves and catalogues, conditions and other documents, price lists and other materials (hereinafter as “materials”), unless stated otherwise. The information stated at the website is intended only for the personal needs of the users and their use for other purposes, especially in the form of its dissemination, copying, other processing or modification, is forbidden without the prior consent of the operator.

The brand Vermont is registered in the Czech Republic under the name Vermont-design, and it is exclusively represented by the company Lampyris s.r.o. 

Disclaimer: Any material at this website serves for information purposes only and it was created with due diligence. The content of this presentation is solely for information, it is not binding and the operator is not liable in any way for any damage that might occur in relation to it. The company Lampyris s.r.o. reserves the right to change any material published at the website without warning.

The operator is not liable for correctness, completeness and updating of the content of the website, is not liable for any direct or indirect damage caused with respect to the connection and using of the website and its content and is not liable for any damage caused due to its partial or total non functionality or inability to access the website. The use of any information from the website is solely at the discretion and responsibility of the user.

Final provisions: The operator is not responsible for correctness of the translation of the content of the website and e-shop, though the operator strives for the best precision of the translated materials.

These terms are valid and are in effect as of the day of its publication at the website. If you disagree with the terms, please leave the website and do not use it any more. 

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As a part of improving the quality of the services of Lampyris s.r.o. you can send us your questions to our e-mail address:
info@vermont-design.cz or you can inform us by telephone at the number 499 979 212. 

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